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    Diamond Underwear

    I love Saturday mornings and I do celebrate them lavishly by lounging in my bed with a gripping book even by midday! I’m so into the history of art and fashion that I devour books on this topic like crazy! I also follow fashion blogs slavishly and collect the Vogues. Wearing my Diamond Underwear that is so soft like silk I can just lie and read for endless hours. But I don’t need to spend my precious Saturday morning time looking for them in a shopping mall – I’ll tell you the secret - I just get three Diamond panties with a statement-making twist every second month! They are ideal for a day when I want to get sporty as well as for a wild night out when I’m in a diva-mood. The fashion-conscious Westerfield company attaches a leaflet on upcoming panties and fresh trends with each pack to me. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect solution for every it-girl? Oh, I guess it does!

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    I wear quite a lot of fairly-short skirts and eye-catching dresses without sleeves. My friends say that I’m a spontaneous fashionista who likes to gesture a lot :) So it’s obvious that I need to take care of accurate shaving so as to feel confident all day long. To have a smooth skin I use the amazing Goodshave 3-blade-system in the morning. The third blade has the Micro Matrix strip that treats my skin with vitamin E and aloe vera. I think it’s phenomenal for getting a close shave, moisturizing my skin and preventing ingrown hairs. I would even dare to say that it compliments my playfully edgy style. I’m fond of putting a fresh spin on my favourite underwear but when it comes to my skin – one thing remains the same – the Goodshave system is just too good to change it!

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    Westerfield Products

    I guess I’ll never give up my active lifestyle. I’m definitely a sporty girl, jogging in the mornings and dancing in the evenings, with a holistic approach to my life. Oh, look at Sir Westy. Just like me, he’s also in his element :) These special moments, however, can’t be spoilt with some rough panties causing skin irritation or unshaven legs making you feel so embarrassed, especially when that blue-eyed jogger stops you to ask about the time. No more dramas in the style of Bridget Jones! So I’ve got my silky-soft Diamond Underwear - just perfect for runners. I don’t need to worry about shaving either as I’ve been using my immaculately precise Goodshave razor. Every breath I take, every move I make, I’ve been feeling comfy, confident and sexy. Now I don’t make any excuses that summer days are too hot and winter days too cold to run. With the Westerfield Multivitamin pills I supplement my body after my workout and am ready to start another busy day with double energy. Aren’t you worth this comfort?

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    My Mum’s not only a well-organized manager at work, but also a fabulous family-life organizer! She’s always there for us, supportive and optimistic. I tell her all my secrets while she tells me hers. We’re also both passionate about healthy lifestyle and home-made food. So every Saturday we team up with my grandparents for a lovely homecooking party, at the same time checking if they need anything. Since my Mum has been ordering for them some Westerfield products, we no longer discuss it so often. Having celebrated our restaurant-style meal with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, on our way back home, it’s time for another part of our weekend ritual - a Multivitamin pill. Female customer-conscious Westerfield sends them by post and all family members benefit from them. More free time and less trouble, mainly for our skin. So let’s face another challenge: what should I wear to the party at the nightclub? Sure Mum’s got some brilliant advice on how to wear my new Scarlet Jewellery tonight.

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    Westerfield Products

    Fine, I’m a chatterbox :) I could spend hours on talking on the phone. You too? Cool! Naturally my family quite often gets mad at me, but it’s not my fault, these are the genes! I don’t have a sister so I gossip with my girlfriends; it’s as simple as that. And some news just can’t wait till Monday! So Lucy’s called to tell me about a love note that she’s found in her pencil case, Mary - to surprise me that she’s broken up with Steven for the tenth time this week, Jessica’s needed my advice on what colour of a lipstick would go best with her purple heels, and Caroline’s been spreading rumours about our new handsome PE teacher since yesterday. However, they always ask a myriad of questions about my stuff, like: “Where did you get these sexy heather panties?” or “How come your skin is so smooth?” or “Where did you track down this incredible razor?” So many questions, but there is only one answer - Westerfield. They care for my body and a sense of physical and emotional well-being. Westerfield is a friend who has never let me down.

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    Scarlet Box

    I’m a fun-loving party animal like every teenager is and I go out quite often. If it weren’t for my Scarlet Jewellery Box that makes my outfit, I’d spend a fortune on new dresses every weekend! Nothing can add oomph to your wardrobe like jewellery. The Scarlet necklace or jangly Scarlet bracelet can be worn as easily with jeans and a T-shirt as it can go with a cocktail dress for a hot party. This set reflects my style spirit. When the night rolls around, these body-framing items are just perfect toys for shy girls while flirting with cute guys! My party motto is: leave with grace so that everyone feels special and sense the loss when you've gone. To feel so confident like Scarlett O’Hara from my favourite romantic novel “Gone with the Wind”, who by the way might have inspired the designer of the Scarlet treasures with her classy style, I definitely need this set. Its elements go with a multitude of my clothes and lift my looks every day. I like keeping things chic and this Scarlet set is so subtle that I don’t look too weighed down.