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    My job involves negotiating, so actually my image is of great importance. A good argument is like a tennis ball, it’s all about striking it over the net into another player’s court so that it’s challenging to play a good return. To be so effective and to be able to focus on “the game” indeed I need to be sure that my appearance is convincing as well. My tennis partner has recommended me the Matador razor to master my look. It gives me close and comfortable shave even against the grain. The effortless manoeuvrability of the razor’s blade helps me make defined lines and finishing touches. Now I can style my facial hair easier and quicker with the Matador ergonomic handle. I have more control over my own face than ever. The same way I feel while negotiating a contract or playing tennis, because I know that I look professional. I receive new blades by post regularly just in time. I appreciate this convenient system as I can save a lot of time and pursue the activities that I’m really passionate about.

  • 7:15
    Prestige Classic

    Shopping is not my thing. That’s why my wife is the manager of my wardrobe. I trust her taste since she is an expert in the field of the quality of materials and the latest fashion. I lead a very active lifestyle, so I need reliable underwear. I wear to work the elegant Prestige Classic boxer briefs. They feature good quality and a masculine design. I feel comfortable all-day-long thanks to its contoured pouch and breathable stretch cotton fabric that gives me a more athletic look. This intensely black brief has a softly elastic waistband. Its sleek style and perfect fit is what I’m after. They’re like the second skin. I’ve been so satisfied with the Prestige Black underwear that we decided to subscribe them. There are so many things to decide in life that once I find something that I really like I prefer to stick to it and move on to the next thing.

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    Omega 3

    We try to spend as much time together as possible. The kitchen is the heart of our home where we talk, advise each other and laugh. This lovely atmosphere begins every day with healthy and light breakfast that we eat at a large family table. We have a vegetable garden near our house, because we want our kids to obtain sufficient quantities of contaminant free, pure food. I supplement my diet with the Omega 3 pills every day just when I’m ready to leave home. I want to keep fit, look attractive and be in a good mood so as to meet the gamut of mental and physical challenges that every day brings. Such delightful mornings empower me for the whole day and make me miss my family and home while I’m at work. My wife reminds us quite often that we are what we eat. I guess she’s right - as always. We’ve subscribed the Omega 3 vitamins and they’re delivered by post. Why not let others make our life easier?

  • 16:30

    Oh, sweet Fridays! I finish work earlier and go to the gym. Then, I’m free to enjoy precious moments spent with my lovely wife. You know, she’s incredible: intelligent, sexy, elegant… I’m so much in love with her, like 25 years ago when we first met. She’s got a great sense of humour. Once I got up on a foggy Friday morning and was in a serious dilemma about everything including my black socks, so I asked my dear know-it-all super lady about them. She said: “Hello, Westerfield Information. How can I help you?” I reported my problem to her: “Honey, I can’t find my socks.” “Hocus, pocus! They’re in the mailbox!”, she replied wittily like a fairy godmother. And they were there! I know I can always rely on her and her clever ideas of the management of home issues. My Blackstone socks that she has ordered for me and my son, so we no longer steal them from each other, are in good classic taste, just like her and an Englishmen in New York. These quality up-to-calf black socks, perfectly breathable as bamboo, have antibacterial properties. Isn’t it the right solution for an active man? As the old saying goes: “True love is like a pair of socks: gotta have two, and they’ve gotta match.”