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  • 8:00

    Earlier, in the morning rush, each day before going to work, I used to analyse my family’s shopping list and plan my way back home so as to buy all the necessary items for my family. I’d spend a lot of time on thinking where to buy those little things, but of great importance, and on checking their quality and comparing prices. Then after work I rushed to different shops to purchase them before they closed. One day I received a phone call from a Westerfield consultant. She offered me a solution that made my mornings so much more pleasant - no more studying the shopping list! Now I can cherish the talk with my beloved ones about really important things that matter in life and enjoy the smell of freshly brewed coffee, while after work I can safely go home and have some time just for myself before my husband comes back from work. Let me tell you my story. Maybe you can also find a way to simplify your daily routine and save some precious time.

  • 9:30

    I’m active and I love to be fit. Who doesn’t? In the morning, after a delicious cup of coffee, I go straight to the fitness club nearby. Ever since I lost some weight, I exercise in my shorts and trendy Westerfield Step-by-step below knee support socks. My husband says that I look like a million dollars at them and compares me to Madonna in the “Sorry” music video :) It’s a nice compliment, but the key thing about these Westerfield Step-by-step socks is the composition of the material and convenience - they come to me directly by post, I don’t need to go anywhere to buy them. No excuses – nobody will exercise for me. But buying everyday items might be well organized, so I can have some spare time for taking care about my health and body.

  • 17:00

    My daughter’s a beautiful young lady now – she grew up so quickly. We both are energetic blondes and we both love reading books. “As alike as two drops of water” — James Miller would say. However, we have the acne-prone skin type. But it does no longer worry us. The Westerfield “Multivitamin” vitamin pills help us to care for our skin so we can look stunning. We never forget about taking them, as we both have them on our way back home in the car. It’s so good to share things together. We get them by post, so there is the continuity of dosage. I don’t need to remember to queue for them. I just get them at the right time. It’s so convenient for all of us. And for our facial skin!

  • 21:00

    Who said that women aren’t keen on the latest technology? I always make sure I use the most innovative solutions. “New is always better” - remember Barney Stinson’s legendary rule? Awesome! I go for products designed specifically for the most demanding women, just like me. Shaving has never been anything special to me, just a necessity unless you want to look like hair-legged Mo’Nigue. I guess you know what I mean. But my uncompromising quest for satisfying shaving experience is over once and for all. I’ve found my dream razor - Infinity. This is nothing less than the completely rebuilt model of the razor - 5 flexible titanium-coated blades, a lubricating stripe with vitamin E and aloe extract, a perfectly adjustable head and convenient rubber grip, all working together to deliver a flawlessly smooth shave with exceptional precision. No skin irritation. I’ve trusted Westerfield. Effortless comfort for an affordable price. Well, it’s my time, my ritual, my secret, my sex appeal.

  • 22:00

    Pity you can’t see it - right now my husband is peeping at me. Let him think I don’t realize it. In fact, I like when he behaves like a cute teenage boy. I feel even more alluring then. You know, I like to spoil my family with some delicious cinnamon caramel cookies, but I definitely love to pamper myself with only my stuff. I go to the gym, dance and enjoy massage sessions… But allow me to let you in on a little secret. What brings me the greatest pleasure is when I put on my Ruby underwear after taking a shower, washing off the sweat and fatigue of my daily challenges. The boyshort-inspired panties perfectly adhere to my body’s curves, giving it smooth and seamless outline. The 95 % of cotton and 5 % of elastane mix makes them ultra-comfy, breathable and stretchy. The lines are invisible under my favourite little black dress. Delivered at my door, just when I want, always in time, my Ruby shorts are a part of who I am, just like my heels :)