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  • 7:00
    Good Shave

    My school is full of one-of-a-kind girls. So, like every other guy, in the morning I try to do literally everything to look sharper and sleeker to get a bit of their sweet attention. Hundreds of new grooming products promise to help us look cool, but I like to keep things simple. I’ve been recommended by my dad the Good Shave razor that gives me a really close shave and turned this new chore for me into a funny morning ritual. From shaving into gliding like a windsurfer! The ribbed handle channels water for better control, so shaving is as fascinating as riding on the crest of a Hawaii wave. The enhanced blade helps me to deal with the tricky areas that are difficult to shave, so I can feel confident at school … and after school with my 5 o’clock shadow. I’ve heard that there is only one chance to make a good impression on a girl – the first 15 seconds. Well, I guess, it’s easier when I’m shaved properly. Now one never knows who and when will tweet the photo of him.

  • 7:30

    I’m definitely not an early bird, but I just have to meet the everyday challenge of getting up to school. After my morning bathroom ritual I rush wildly to the room to dress up quickly. Surprisingly, guys, like girls do, are also faced with the dilemma of a what-to-wear nature. I attend some extra-curriculum classes, so I just need a wear-all-day comfort. My mum says that the Blackstone socks suit me and my dad and that our feet look seriously elegant wearing them. These up-to-calf socks don’t slip down and they are perfectly black, matching my new coal black sneakers. I’m a passionate techno-geek on the hunt for new applications. My hero is Bill Gates who loves wearing black high-top sneakers as I do; actually he set this sporty and elegant trend. There is an old saying: “You can tell a man by his shoes…” However, I’d add: “… and by his socks”. As they have to make sense together! The socks come once in a while directly to my house. I can say that the Blackstone sock solution is as smart as my smartphone. Respect!

  • 16:00

    After school I go swimming. It’s the best strategy that I know for all-round health and fitness. I’m a dedicated fan of water sports. Swimming activates all the senses more than any other sport - I can see it, hear it, smell it and taste it. Every square inch of my skin feels it. Every beat of my heart echoes in the swimming pool. Water hugs my body softly just the same as my Prestige Seamless boxer briefs do. They have a menswear vibe and are totally invisible under anything I wear giving me a more athletic silhouette. After all, this little secret could be all a guy needs to bring a happy kick back into the day after a stressful test. We’ve got a student rule book and one of the rules is: "No underwear as outerwear.” I’m rather a naughty boy, but I follow the rules I agree with. The superb fit Prestige Seamless boxer briefs have a comfortable hip line and sit low on the waist, just below the waist of my jeans, where they should. I hope she’ll like them too.

  • 17:00

    The life of a teen is just great. I mean, especially after school. Endless parties, hot dates, a multitude of choices, bursting energy and crazy adventures. But there is a thing that torments us all the time (worse than mosquitoes in the summer time). One of the worst living nightmares (worse than the Math teacher before the end of each term). Endless pimples! You know what I’m talking about? Why on earth….? This fight is so unfair. You’re alone while the enemy has got an army of “soldiers” invading your face, neck, chest, back with a zillion of big, red spots… I’ve tried different “wonderful” products that I was recommended, creams, tonics…. The result was not exactly satisfactory. But one day a Westerfield consultant recommended me “Multivitamin” – oh, let me refer to it as a “multikiss attractor”. I thought perhaps that’s what my oily skin, my whole body, needed, some help from the inside. And I decided to try it. That has been the right choice. Now I regularly get my ‘troops’ by post and I attack my enemy in a peaceful manner. I love the result. So do my girlfriends.