Line Break
  • 7:30

    My humans… They’ve got a very positive attitude to life. Sometimes they do silly things that make me smile, like when they feed coins that fat piggy on the chest of drawers in the living room. Sometimes I want to make them smile too. Creative as I am, I’ve come up with an idea to play hunt the thimble with my Master. He’s a cool man. So without thinking much, when he was putting his new Blackstone socks, I got one and ran away to the backyard to bury it under the ground. Nice place, isn’t it? On my way I thought about the sock - it was different, so soft to touch and comfortable to carry. I was feeling a bit sorry but I had to play the game. I started digging a nice hole when, surprisingly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw my Master hobbling towards me, calling God, with a bare foot and his mouth wide open, clutching his head in disbelief…. Fine, haven’t finished… Couldn’t you wait some more minutes… Oh, it’s not always easy to play with humans.

  • 9:00
    Westerfield Products

    I’m a dog of actions, not words. Chasing cats, barking at the postman… these are my kinds of things. Sure, I hate when my humans keep me awake during a day, but in the morning I gotta run around in the park, meet up my friends, and Jess (she’s a cute poodle and I guess she really fancies me). So come on, wake up! You’re a nice chick, but even nice chicks have to get out of bed! I’m gonna jump on your bed one more time… No matter what time you came back home at night.... Pillow fight? Not this time, my Sleeping Beauty. Let me think… Should I check what’s in your Scarlet Box? It could be a lovely gift for my sweet poodle friend. Don’t you mind if I play with your silky Diamond Underwear? Or, wanna play hide and seek with your Goodshave razor? Don’t laugh, I know you hide your Westerfield treasures really well… Tricky me, I’ve stolen one of your Multivitamin pills and now I believe I can fly!

  • 12:00

    Seriously, I’m a bit like Scooby. I can sniff something suspicious in the house… The family members used to be so stressed out about everyday stuff like shopping that they sometimes didn’t manage to walk me in the mornings. And now – just look at her! She used to get mad every time when she forgot to buy her razors and, I guess, she didn’t even like to shave at all. But now, unbelievably, she always has one Goodshave razor right there and she smiles while shaving. I can see she’s happier than ever, and if you ask me I can tell/bark that she looks gorgeous. And when she finally dolls herself up, she takes me for a delightful walk. Believe it? Can’t help but wonder what has happened to my dear family? Are they taking any magic pills? Have they hired an invisible housekeeper? Or is this thanks to the Westerfield packages that they regularly receive by post? Woof! This must be it! Brilliant! Finally some company has found a good solution to this family’s busy life. And it has made my life better at the same time. Woof!

  • 20:00
    Pure Face

    Every cute and smart dog like me knows that one’s face can tell much about a person, and his or her dog, obviously. Your face tell your story; it reflects all your emotions, even the ones you wish to hide, e.g how much you might dislike the neighbours’ cat. Woof! Woof! It can even reveal what could possibly have been on your breakfast menu (I shouldn’t have eaten the Master’s steak). No wonder that women are so concerned about their facial skin. Sun protection, gentle cleansing, moisturizing … oh, my Mistress could talk about all these things for hours on end. By the way, I still haven’t worked out what the “acne-prone” skin is. However, I’ve noticed that she’s been taking the “Pure Face” pills that help clear the skin from the inside of the body. My blonde Mistress has the brains! (and an awesome dog). It makes sense, “feeding” your skin from the inside and from the outside. As you can see, she also applies masks, even if to me they seem to be rather awkward. Now she can do it regularly, as she no longer queues to get the pills. Westerfield delivers them at our door. I’m happy they don’t deliver dogs!